A new brand identity for Exclusive Connection

After more than 10 years of activity and many changes, we decided it was time to renew our corporate image.

A lot has changed since Lucia opened Exclusive Connection in 2012: we started with group tours of the Vasari Corridor in Florence and we evolved to special guided tours for art lovers and celebrities, but not only that.

It has been a journey through our passions, as well as an important growth of our professional skills. Today Exclusive Connection is a different company from the one of 10 years ago, and for this reason, we decided to renew our corporate image.

An ode to Elegance and Femininity

Nuovo logo Exclusive Connection

The new logo represents our evolution and was created to reflect the company’s growth over this past decade.

It uses sensual colors such as dark green and blush pink. We decided to strengthen our image as an all-female team, one of our strengths.

The new brand identity aims to showcase our corporate mission as ambassadors of extra-ordinary experiences related to art and the world of luxury in Italy.

The new logo will be gradually implemented in all of our communication materials, starting with the website, which is currently being completely redesigned.

The new image of Exclusive Connection was created by the talented graphic designer Carolina Fragipane.


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