Mona Lisa bridge is real and is in Tuscany

A recent study on the famous and enigmatic painting of the Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci has confirmed the existence of the bridge seen in the background of the painting.


This is the Ponte del Romito in Laterina, in the province of Arezzo. This is what researcher and historian Silvano Vinceti states in his recent research. Indeed, he thinks there is no doubt that the famous bridge depicted behind the Mona Lisa by Leonardo is the bridge of Etruscan-Roman origin that crosses the Arno River.

Thanks to photographic comparisons and new historical documents, many correspondences have emerged, including the facts that between 1501 and 1503 this bridge was very busy, originally had four arches, and that the Arno River in that stretch very much resembles the one depicted.

Indeed, a virtual reconstruction of the bridge in that specific section of the river has highlighted strong similarities, also thanks to recent images captured by a drone. Certainly, there are many more similarities compared to those with the Buriano Bridge and the Bobbio Bridge, which until now were considered possible matches for the Leonardo bridge.

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