Keep on dreaming with our Wish List

Vasari corridor
Ciao! 🙂
First of all we hope your are doing fine and keeping healthy, secondly we think that, just like us, you can hardly wait to get back to your life as it was. All we can do for the moment is to day dream about the wonderful places and sites we would like to experience once again. Who knows when we’ll be able to travel again and how we will have to change our habits. This is the reason why we came up with the Wish List idea, a totally free and non binding project in which you tell us about your dream tour and we will let you know when it will be available once again.
Participation is completely free and it will help us get to know you, share ideas on sites, visits, future projects and be ready to make them available for you as soon as possible.
What are you waiting for? All you have to do is write us at : and tell us about your dream, what you miss the most and where you’d love to go once our country opens again.
Want to know more about this initiative? Check out our video on YouTube and follow us on our social media for ideas and tips.
Illegal hugs,
Lucia and Exclusive Connection team

Ciao from Florence

Dear friends,

In this difficult moment we have decided to make the most of the means we have in order to keep on promoting culture and sharing the passion that brings us together. Everyday many museums and foundations are posting videos and in-depth studies of their masterpieces on social networks.

For example the Uffizi Gallery in Florence, the Teatro la Fenice in Venice, some museums in Rome, such as the Capitolini, and so on.

We think these short videos are wonderful opportunities to visit these places and see them in a different light while comfortably sitting on our sofas at home.

All this reminds us that we are not alone but, on the contrary, we are a large community ready to come back as soon as it is safe for everyone.

While waiting to be able to accompany you once again through new discoveries and itineraries, we are working on our tours and preparing special events.

Follow us on our social networks for daily surprises and insights.

Here in Italy we are surrounded by art and even now there are many opportunities to explore it.

If you want to help and support us remotely, here are some ideas on how you can do it:

  • Post a comment about our services, LINK HERE

  • Post a photo or a memory of the time we have spent together on our social networks, LINK HERE.

  • Buy one of our vouchers valid for 12 months (starting from the official end of the quarantine date) to secure a place in one of our activities of your choice. Write to for information

  • Organize your next trip with us.

We sincerely hope to see you again soon!

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The Card Players, the Vasari Corridor and the Georgofili Bombing

I giocatori di carte di Bartolome Manfredi

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