A new brand identity for Exclusive Connection

New brand identity for Exclusive Connection

After more than 10 years of activity and many changes, we decided it was time to renew our corporate image.

A lot has changed since Lucia opened Exclusive Connection in 2012: we started with group tours of the Vasari Corridor in Florence and we evolved to special guided tours for art lovers and celebrities, but not only that.

It has been a journey through our passions, as well as an important growth of our professional skills. Today Exclusive Connection is a different company from the one of 10 years ago, and for this reason, we decided to renew our corporate image. Continue reading “A new brand identity for Exclusive Connection”

The full spirit of Renaissance

How many times have you seen Botticelli’s Spring? Probably thousands of times, right? In fact, who does not know about Sandro Botticelli’s Spring? It is no coincidence that thousands of people visit the Uffizi Gallery every year to see it in person.

It is certainly a symbol of Renaissance and of ideal Beauty, as well as one of the most loved works by our art historian Lucia Montuschi who often defines it as “the Breath of Renaissance”. A definition inspired by the complex symbology that we find in the painting, a celebration of love, peace and prosperity.

If we look carefully at the painting we can see the outline of two lungs in the vegetation. The first to notice them were the American researchers Blech and Doliner in 2009, who saw this detail right behind the figure of Venus in the center of the famous masterpiece. Can you see them now?

An anatomical representation of a lung was also discovered in the Birth of Venus. According to Davide Lazzeri, a researcher in the study of medicine in art, in the particular shape and color of the cloak held by a figure identified as the Hora of Spring or one of the Graces, a lung can be seen quite clearly. To learn more about the news click here.