Secret Florence: the Prince Passage from Palazzo Vecchio to Uffizi Gallery

Think about a private passage used for centuries by the Medici family to go from Palazzo Vecchio to the Uffizi Gallery: this is the Path of the Prince, the hidden passage closed to the public until today and just reopened to the public until next January 2018. Here more details.

In between Palazzo Vecchio and the building of the Uffizi Gallery there is Via della Ninna where you see a large covered bridge connecting the two buildings. This is the so called “Path of the Prince” that has been just re-opened to the public.

Il Corridoio Vasariano

The Path of the Prince is the beginning of the Vasari Corridor, commissioned to Giorgio Vasari in 1565 by the Grand Duke Cosimo I to connect the governement palace (Palazzo Vecchio) to the public offices (Uffizi Gallery) and his residence in Oltrarno (Pitti Palace).

The initial part of the Vasari Corridor was closed to the public during the 19th century and in more than 100 years has been opened and used only for private and official cerimonies and events. Since July 5th the Path of the Prince is open to the public for small groups upon reservation.

Practical Information of the Path of the Prince

The Path of the Prince is open upon reservation until January 2018, waiting for the grand re-opening of the Vasari Corridor in May 2018. The entrance is on the second floor of Palazzo Vecchio in the Green Room of Eleonora di Toledo  directly to the main floor of the Uffizi Gallery.

Corridoio Vasariano Via della Ninna

The ticket for the Path of the Prince includes the access to Palazzo Vecchio and to the Uffizi Gallery and costs 27€ per person. For guided tours to the Path of the Prince contact us now!

Photo credits – Cartina del Corridio Vasariano – / Corridoio Via della Ninna –

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