Academy Gallery with children

Academy Tour for families with children with priority access and focus on Michelangelo' David and works

Available: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, ,

Languages: Italian, English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese

Duration: 120 minutes

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Academy Tour for families with children with priority access and focus on Michelangelo' David and works

Michelangelo is certainly one of the most interesting and particular artistic personalities you'll ever meet.

His life, his passion for art, love, power and spirituality: they are all topics of great attraction for young people of all ages. We will go inside the Academy of Fine Arts Museum where you will find seven masterpieces of the great master, we will walk in silence towards the giant, the David and in front of this beautiful work of art 5 meters tall, we will begin to tell the challenges of Michelangelo sculptor, painter, architect, poet, and above all: man of the Renaissance.

Among Saint Matthew and the Prisoners we will talk about his non-finito technique and of his great determination to become and be remembered, as a sculptor.

It is a must-see museum, absolutely recommended for all ages.



  • Professional family friendly guide
  • Priority access to Academy Gallery
  • Guide service suitable for families with children
  • Focus on Michelangelo's David and sculptures
  • Activities for children and youngs

Meeting Point

At your hotel if downtown Florence, or in front of Luisa via Roma shop

Notes, inclusions and Rain Policy

Minimum 2 adults. Academy Gallery has an internal policy for which all groups from 6 people up must wear headsets. The guide will talk into a microphone and clients will be able to listen to the explanation with no interruptions. Compulsory security checks are requested for all visitors. The Academy Gallery doesn't have a cloakroom and for this reason, bulky bags and backpacks and large umbrellas are not allowed inside. Water bottles are allowed if not exceeding 0,5 lt. Appropriate dress code is required, therefore knees and shoulders should be covered.

Guide service of the Academy Gallery. Reserved ticket to the Gallery in order to avoid a long wait in line. Headsets for groups from 6 people. Education material for activities.

Rain or shine, we'll be there with a smile.

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