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Personalized itineraries to discover Italy

Since 2020 digital viewing has become part of our everyday life and has opened the way to very interesting new solutions. This is not a simple alternative to a physical tour but a great opportunity to get an overview of a city before your arrival, or a great chance to thoroughly study a theme focusing on details that are usually non visible or possible during a classic visit. These tours also offer the chance to have a private visit of a museum at a reasonable price and while comfortably seated at home. There is a great potential and variety to these tours and, since they are carried out in real time, you have the opportunity to ask and give your own feedback during the tour itself. The perfect gift idea for a person who does not have much time on their hands.
We have a selection of highly experienced tour guides and museums for private virtual openings in Venice, Vicenza, Bergamo, Manuta, Rome, the Vatican, Florence, Sienna and Pisa.