Master Craftsman shops and Michelangelo

Walking Tour in the Oltrarno to discover the artisans' workshops and Michelangelo's Crucifix in Santo Spirito

Available: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

Departure: 03:00 PM

Languages: Italian, English

Duration: 120 minutes

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Walking Tour in the Oltrarno to discover the artisans' workshops and Michelangelo's Crucifix in Santo Spirito

Discovering the Oltrarno’s treasures, exclusive objects and masterpieces of the past and present. An irresistible tour that you won’t want to miss, that will allow you to come into contact with people who still embody the true Florentine character between fantasy and genius, intuition and originality.

The tour begins in the spectacular Piazza Pitti, from which, just a few steps away, you will reach a small square where time seems to have stood still. In this square, you will find many different activities that pleasantly co-exist such as small family-style restaurants right next to shops selling cashmere or a lively café alongside extraordinary workshops were you can find masters of restoration known throughout the world.

Our walk continues on to an atelier used for the production of engravings and art prints, where the master craftsman will welcome us in an environment both fascinating and harmonious. Having finished our first stop, we will move on to the workshop of a craftsman who will tell us about himself and how, as a boy, he began his career by producing exquisite handmade objects in silver and enamel.

We will then continue on to a shop where we will be able to assist, first hand, at the creation of the famous marbled Florentine paper of a long-standing tradition that is used in a vast variety of designs and colors. Our desire to continue to explore leads us then to the charming and picturesque Piazza Santo Spirito, with an abundance of restaurants, shops and artists’ studios. During our visit to the beautiful Church of the Holy Spirit, we can admire, together with the splendid architectural space designed by Brunelleschi, the only wood sculpture, a crucifix, carved by the hands of the great Michelangelo at the age of only 17.

After fully enjoying this masterpiece, our journey will continue in the footsteps of the sculptural tradition in Florence and we will conclude our tour in the atelier of a great Florentine artist, a descendant of six generations of sculptors. The studio, located in an eighteenth-century Church, is a magical place that will undoubtedly fascinate the visitor. Within this space, a vast wealth of molds and forms, original models, copies of famous monuments are preserved. Both replicas of classic artworks and original pieces in marble and bronze are on display.

This is a place that will surely take your breath away and create a fabulous finale to a memorable experience!


  • A walking tour in the heart of Florence
  • Professional, expert and local tour guide
  • An off-the-beaten track tour

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Via Guicciardini,15 (black) - In front of Palazzo Guicciardini at 2.50 PM

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