Exclusive visit of Santa Maria Nuova Hospital

Santa Maria Nuova Special Opening

Available: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday,

Languages: Italian, English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese

Duration: 60 minutes

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Santa Maria Nuova Special Opening

Opened in 1288 in the very heart of Florence, the hospital can boast the record of not having closed a single day, not even during the terrible flood of 1966. The story of the hospital is intertwined with the one of the Portinari family, the Florentine bankers, Leonardo da Vinci who used this venue to experiment on anatomy, and the history of scientific knowledge.

We will stroll through centuries of Florentine excellences, while exploring the museum, the history of scientific evolution and the astonishing collection of the annexed Saint Egidio church. Together we will talk about spices, herbs, special healing porridges, shared beds, creative solutions and about the great history of Italian volunteers.

We will get real close to masterpieces by Lorenzo Ghiberti, Alessandro Allori, Giovanni da San Giovanni and Bicci di Lorenzo. We will visit the hospital treasures in the mezzanine, the herb cloister and the bone cloister, we will then proceed to the hall of Martino the 5th and enter the otherwise inaccessible matroneum of Sant'Egidio church.

This is a unique itinerary, perfect even for those who think they have seen everything there is to see in Florence.



  • Unusual and riveting itinerary inside the oldest hospital in Italy
  • Sant'Egidio church and its matroneum visit
  • Special opening of Sant'Egidio's matroneum
  • Expert, professional and local tour guide
  • Voluntary work and charity, the rise of Florence hospitals

Meeting Point

Under the portico in front of the hospital entrance

Notes, inclusions and Rain Policy

As some areas are quite narrow please contact us at info@exclusiveconnection.it for groups bigger than 14 people Appropriate dress code is required, therefore knees and shoulders should be covered.

Professional guide service.

Rain or shine, we'll be there with a smile.

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